Martins_Mill_, Halifax- JG


Martins Mill, Halifax

ELG Planning, representing the Mandale Group, led on the conversion of a severely damaged and derelict non-designated heritage asset in the form of a Mill.  Previous schemes had all sought the demolition of Martins Mill. The unused and dilapidated 19th century mill was facing dereliction before Mandale decided to take on this project and invest £7m into a new housing development.

Following a pre-application submission in May 2017 a planning application was made in October 2017 with consent granted in February 2018. Work started in April and the scheme was completed to deliver 60 new apartments in November 2018. The whole project not only saved a non-designated asset that would have otherwise been lost, but the whole scheme from conception to completion took less than 20 months.

Whilst preserving some of the mill’s original features, the scheme transformed the building into a complex featuring 60 apartments overlooking Halifax town centre.