As the UK transitions towards a net-zero future, ELG Planning can offer support to a variety of renewable energy projects, from single wind turbine applications to large-scale solar farm developments, and everything in between.


ELG have been involved in a breath of solar schemes from small scale arrays on existing buildings to large scale solar farms.

We have been involved in many solar schemes up and down the country and can prepare and manage planning application for solar schemes or provide input into Environmental Impact Assessments, including Green Belt Assessments.

We can also advise on utilising permitted development rights on existing residential and commercial buildings.

Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are the key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy and offer the ability to stabilise and balance the outflow of electricity from renewable sources, without which, wind turbines and solar farms would have to be turned off and excess energy is ‘wasted’.

ELG Planning have experience in preparing and managing planning submission for BESS schemes up and down the country.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The demand for Electric Vehicle Charing has grown over the last few years as the popularity of electric vehicles has grown, however without chargepoints, EV ownership is not practical, with some of the main barriers to electric vehicle ownership being ‘range anxiety’ and the availability of EV charging points.

ELG Planning have been working on a number of planning applications to deliver EV charging hubs in highly accessible locations in towns and cities across the UK to support the transition towards ultra low emission vehicles in line with national objectives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the negative impacts of climate change.

Wind turbines

Whilst restrictions on on-shore wind turbines are still in place, ELG Planning have been successful at appeal for securing consent for a wind turbine at a residential property in North Yorkshire.